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Some Client Testimonials:

Smoking Cessation Client

"I booked an appointment with Stewart in January 2018 as I had been diagnosed with lung cancer and really needed to give up smoking, something I had been trying to do, on and off, for over 30 years.

One session of hypnotherapy and the CD to listen to at home (which I did everyday for about a month and then every other day for a week or so) and I haven't had a cigarette since! Stewart was very professional and very welcoming. If anyone is really struggling to give up then I can highly recommend Stewart but you must remember to follow the rules and listen to the CD everyday for the required time (3 weeks I think). To be honest, I never once heard the entire CD (about 50 minutes long I think) as I ALWAYS fell asleep! and would wake up just as it finished. Stewart said this was quite normal and your sub-conscious would absorb the words even when asleep. It is now December 16th 2018 and I am 11 months a non-smoker. Jill (Dundee)

"I can't tell you how grateful I am to you. It's amazing - the best part is that I don't actually feel physical cravings, which was something I expected to have. I can't thank you enough, Stewart." G. Connelly (Dundee)

"I came to see Stewart for stopping smoking and I have not touched another cigarette since our session. I was a smoker for over 20 years, and I didn't think that I would ever be able to stop. Thank you Stewart for giving me my life back - I feel fantastic as a non-smoker!" MS (Angus)

Gambling Client

"I made an appointment to see if Stewart could help me conquer my horrendous gambling problem. This was a problem I had for 25 years and was now seriously affecting my marriage. This really was the last chance saloon for me. I noticed the difference within myself after the very first session. I no longer had the desire to gamble. I was happier, had more money and more importantly, I'm still married. I haven't gambled for 6 months and that's not all. I recently saw Stewart to see if he help me overcome my fear of water. One session, and my fear is gone. My only regret about this is that I waited so long before I sought Stewart's help.  It is he best money I've ever spent.  Stewart, thanks for everything."

Steve (Dundee)

Stress & Anxiety Client

" When I first contacted Stewart I was suffering from the worst health anxiety I had ever experienced. After only a few of sessions my health anxiety was under control and what was even more amazing is that my confidence and general outlook on life was so much more positive. I have had several sessions now and I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time I am genuinely content and happy. I would highly recommend this service as it has made such an incredible difference to my life and how I carry myself. Even though I am feeling so much better now I will continue going to Stewart as I really enjoy how relaxed and happy I feel after every session." Claire (Dundee)

“Fantastic experience! I will use the techniques you taught me to reduce my stress levels at work. Thank you, Stewart.”  Colin (Dundee)

"Before I came to see Stewart, I was in a bad place in my life. I had no direction and very little self-esteem. I now feel so much better about myself, and I feel like I am taking back control over my life. Thank you so much Stewart, you have helped me more than you can ever know." BH (Angus)

"I would like to thank you so much for how you have helped me. My life is 100% back on track. What you do for people is priceless and I can't thank you enough."

J. Donald, (Dundee)

Virtual Gastric Band Client

"Before I attended sessions with Stewart, I was the biggest I've ever been. I was unhappy and not confident at all within myself. I felt like people were constantly looking and judging me because I was overweight. After my first session I left Stewart's feeling like a whole new person, I knew this was the start of a whole new journey and I had a great feeling about it! Fast forward 12 weeks and 3 more sessions and I've lost a marvellous 25lbs, I am even attending a gym now. Stewart always made me feel relaxed and welcome and supported me 100% through the last 12 weeks. For the first time in years I am looking forward to the future and I owe all that to you Stewart, thank you so much!" SV (Dundee)

"I am delighted to have lost 18lb in the six weeks since our first consultation. The four sessions, complete with the virtual gastric band CDs, has given me the belief that I will continue to loose weight over the next few months to reach my goals of not being overweight and getting fit to enjoy my hobbies in the coming years." AB (Kinross)

Fear of Flying Client

"Guess what? No tears, no fear!! Flight a bit bumpy but totally coped. Thank you so much. It's just started o ur holiday off in the best possible way :)" Lisa (Dundee)

"Visited Stewart with terrible fear of flying, hadn’t been in a plane for 18 and was always petrified during all flights, after five sessions I’ve successfully flown to Belgium and have now another holiday booked in Spain going fairly soon, I found Stewart to be very professional and approachable with regard to my issues about flying, his understanding and professionalism during my sessions with him have made it possible for me to get back on a plane without the debilitating fear that I had suffered from, so my sincere thanks go to Stewart or as I’ll call him now the miracle worker." Kenny (Dundee)

Weight Loss Client

"Thank you so much, Stewart! I feel much better about myself, and I now understand that I'm completely in control of what I eat. And I can't believe how easy it has been to stop eating the wrong types of food." L. R. (Montrose)

"Wow thanks Stewart! With your help, I managed to lose 2 stone, and now I feel so much better about myself. The best thing is that food is no longer constantly on my mind, and I feel that I have a much better relationship with food now. Thank you again!" L. M. (Perth)

Panic Attack Client

"Thank you Stewart for the hypnotherapy. It really helped with the panic attacks, and I can't remember now when I last had one. I can't believe how much the hypnotherapy has helped me!" E. Clunie (Arbroath)

Anxiety Client

"This was an amazing experience. I can't believe how relaxed I felt after just one session of hypnosis. Stewart was a complete professional and I now feel so much better about myself and my job!" B. Hastie (Dundee)

"I had a pretty bad fear of germs and it really got in the way of alot of simple everyday things. After 1 session I felt a difference and after 4 or 5 I feel great! So easy to chat to and understanding. Thanks Stewart!" Steve (Dundee)

Driving Test Client

"I went to Stewart for 2 sessions with regards to my driving exam anxiety. I had previously failed my exam 3 times which had negatively affected my confidence. I had my fourth exam this morning and PASSED!! No minors, couldn't have been more perfect! I am so thankful for Stewart's help. Cannot recommend more." Nadia (Dundee)

Interview Nerves Client

"Thank you so much for the help you gave me. It really helped me and I did get that promoted post that I was being interviewed for. The work you did during hypnosis had a really positive impact. Thank you so much, Stewart!" M. Anderson (Dundee)

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